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“It is a sausage that brings together the cereal with the animal, as Cerere’s sacrificial victim. Seems like a synthesis of the both animal and plant world, it is almost a summary of the ancient sacred nutrition, with we find together the bloody sacrifice of the pig, and the bloodless sacrifice of spelt. The ancient, the first Romans, in the form of libum sacrificed spelt on the altars of their gods. But it is also an intriguing historical and cultural mix of two foods that the ancient world used not only to eat, but also to pray .”

Prof. Paolo Braconi, Dipartimento di Lettere, Lingue, Letterature e Civiltà antiche e moderne, Università di Perugia.schermata-2016-12-07-alle-18-30-44

Archeofood’s Farsiccia™

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The FARSICCIA is a sausage of pork and spelt (far in Latin), inspired by a recipe Marco Gavio Apicio (1st century A.C.), the most famous gastronome of ancient Rome. It is the result of research of an archaeologist and a chef who gave birth to the cultural association named Archeofood™ driven by the desire to know and experience food and flavors of the past that today are not known anymore. The recipe has been reinterpreted with first quality ingredients, carefully selected and tested for long a time, thanks to a special project supported by the European Community through the Umbria Region (PSR). In addition to boasting 2000 years of history and be tasty, the Farsiccia also has interesting nutritional aspects: thanks to the spelt and the dried fruit, contains 35% less fat than a common sausage and a fiber intake of 7.71%

The shipment of Farsiccia happens following the cold chain, and iFood Italia shall deliver it (to the availability of stock) in two / three days across Italy with a shipping cost (up to 100 kg) of € 18.30 ( € 15.00 + VAT). For EU and non-EU shipments there are several possible solutions to be agreed.

Specific economic conditions are reserved for restaurant owners or Ho.Re.Ca. operators who want to undertake a path of collaboration with iFood Italia, distributor of the product, inserting the Farsiccia on their menus or portfolio. The shelf life, at the indicated storage temperature of 0/4 ° C, is 60 days from the date of packaging. For more information:

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